Helen Prest Ajayi,

Helen is the Chairperson of Bank of Nevis International Trust Services Inc. (BONITS). Based in Lagos, Nigeria, she is working to grow BONITS’s geographic footprint across Africa and other fast-growing economies. Helen obtained a Law degree from the University of Ife (OAU) (1982) and a Masters’ degree in Law from Kings College London (1984).

She is an educational consultant and Literacy Advocate. Her company Educatrix Resources Ltd finds ways to improve the learning experience of pupils to ensure that the foundational knowledge of literacy and numeracy is achieved at the primary stages of education. She is the author of the best-selling book ‘The Complete English Grammar Guide for Full Comprehension and Understanding.’ Helen’s hobby is travelling. Having travelled extensively throughout her life, Helen has a keen interest and instinctive knowledge of luxury travel lifestyle brands and marketing.